Branded Sound Barriers


Duraflex manufactures and supplies a range of solutions worldwide that help protect people and the environment.

All of our products are fully customisable so you can get the dimensions and features you need. This includes adding your branding to the solution.

Acoustic Barriers 

Our Hushtec brand of acoustic barriers is suitable for a range of situations where noise is an issue. This includes construction sites, sites where noisy machinery is in operation, and live events where noise control is an important requirement.

We offer specialist solutions for specific equipment or situations, as well as general noise barrier products that can be adapted for a range of applications. We can also customise all our noise barriers to ensure they meet your specific requirements. The customisation options include adding your branding to the barrier or any other message you need.

Hushtec Range

The products in our Hushtec range of acoustic barriers and curtains are available for delivery anywhere in NZ. The products include:

  • Hushtec noise reduction barriers for construction and demolition sites.
  • Pump and generator noise barriers that act as an acoustic shield around your equipment.
  • Custom noise control solutions.
  • Vinyl noise barriers supplied on a roll.
  • Lightweight barrier noise-absorbing solutions
  • Pile rig attachments.
  • Premium noise control and acoustic fencing solutions.
  • Rock breaker attachments.
  • Transparent acoustic panels.

Environmental Solutions

Our GreenTec range of products help to reduce plastic, pollutants, and debris from oceans and other waterways, as well as to create a cleaner environment. The products in our range can help you meet your regulatory and contractual responsibilities, as well as the responsibilities we all have to ensure maximum protection for the environment here in New Zealand and around the world.

All the products in our GreenTec range are fully customisable, they are affordable, and they are available for delivery anywhere in the country. You can expect maximum levels of performance and long-lasting durability too.

Our GreenTec products include:

  • Culvert flumes
  • Oil spill containment solutions.
  • Turbidity barriers.

Clean Working Environment and Contamination Control Solutions

In our range of SmarTec products, you will find solutions that help create clean working environments in almost any situation. Whether you are looking to control dust or prevent cross contamination, our high-quality, performance focused products will deliver on your requirements. All our products can be fully customised according to your needs, and are suitable as solutions for a range of different industries.

When you get in touch with us about the products in our SmarTec range, we’ll provide you with a tailored quote that will be highly competitive. Delivery is available nationwide.

The products in our SmarTec range include:

  • SmarTec technology rooms and cleanrooms.
  • PVC factory dividers.
  • Contamination control solutions.
  • Heavy duty strip curtains suitable for a range of applications.

The Duraflex Difference

We design and manufacture all our products in-house, ensuring maximum levels of quality and the ideal balance between performance and price. In addition, the range of products that we offer ensures you will find a solution that meets your requirements.

Our focus at Duraflex is to engineer and develop products that work in real-world conditions, including harsh and challenging environments. Examples include noisy construction sites where our acoustic barriers are protecting workers, a potentially catastrophic oil spill situation that our GreenTec barriers are containing, or a cleanroom where any sort of contamination can put lives at risk.

Duraflex products are trusted around the world because of the levels of performance they offer. If you are looking for a customisable solution for the problem you are trying to solve, and you value durability and reliability, the Duraflex range of products is what you need.

As we design and manufacture in-house, all our products are customisable. This includes size, shape, and design, plus we can add your branding or any other visual message that you need. To find out more, call us on 0800 111 783 to speak to a member of our team today.

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