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6 Reasons That You Should Install Plastic Strip Doors

Plastic strip doors, also known as strip curtains, are a highly economical barrier solution for factories and businesses alike.

Made of PVC, these doors offer numerous benefits to your operations. They can improve traffic flow, reduce energy costs, isolate noise, pollutants, and vermin while remaining inviting for customers and allowing employees to easily pass through.

In this article, we’ll look at six reasons why plastic strip doors could be a worthwhile investment for your workplace.

6 Reasons That You Should Install Plastic Strip Doors

1. Save On Utility Bills

Strip doors are among the cheapest ways to mitigate energy loss in environments with controlled temperatures, like cool rooms or freezers. Low maintenance, reliable, and cost-effective, strip curtains are a highly effective barrier system that can prevent up to 80% to 90% of the air loss that occurs when conventional doors are opened.

They’re easy for pedestrians and vehicles to pass through, and as they only open to the size of the object that enters, they significantly reduce unwanted temperature loss. Even air-conditioned buildings can benefit from using strip doors in their entryways.

By keeping temperatures stable in refrigerated areas, you can experience less shrinkage, product spoilage, frost build-up, and reduced wear and tear on compressors, switches, and motors. What’s more, you’ll get to reduce maintenance costs on your refrigeration units and save on the high running costs of air conditioners and heaters.

2. Control Noise

PVC strip curtains can also help you isolate noise created by equipment, loading docks, and work stations. They’re also great in commercial applications, as they can reduce street noise while keeping your store or office inviting and welcoming for customers. You’ll be able to avoid health and safety issues for your staff, attend to your customers more effectively, and create a more productive environment in the workplace.

3. Reduce The Movement of Pollutants

Strip doors are incredibly effective at keeping airborne pollutants out of your factory, store, or office. This makes them particularly useful if you have heavy industrial work taking place on your site or if you are processing edible, pharmaceutical, or other sensitive products where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.
Strip curtains will keep your space cleaner by ensuring that dust, dirt, fumes, smoke, and draughts are kept out of the work environment. This will help your employees be more efficient and productive by minimising time spent cleaning up. These PVC doors can cover both small and large openings to effectively isolate pollutants while ensuring that your equipment, staff, and vehicles can easily pass through.

strip curtains

4. Increase Employee Comfort

Bitter cold in the winter, boiling heat in the summer, and loud noise can all make it difficult for employees to focus on the job. This can contribute to stress, tension and lead to both health issues and potential conflict at work.

Strip curtains keep humidity and temperature under control while allowing natural light into your site, creating a more comfortable workplace for your employees. And a happier team is a more productive team.

5. Allow Natural Light In

Working under artificial lights for extended periods of time is unhealthy. Transparent PVC strip doors allow natural light to enter your workplace during the daytime, creating a bright, hygienic environment that helps your employees work better, healthier, and happier.

Because PVC strip doors are transparent, they ensure that visibility is maintained. This means that traffic can pass through them safely with no risk of collisions. In addition, if you want to block pollutants, noise, and heat out while keeping the view, strip curtains are the perfect solution. They’re great if you’re going to display products in temperature-controlled freezers or isolate street noise from your shop while remaining inviting and welcoming to your customers.

A reliable manufacturer, like the team at Duraflex NZ, can produce plastic strip doors in a wide range of colours. Create a bright, enticing welcome with doors of any size. PVC doorways can be used in residential applications, too. Using PVC strip doors in a balcony can keep your room’s temperature comfortable without sacrificing the light or the view.

6. Keep Birds and Flying Insects Out

PVC strip curtains are a functional barrier against flies, insects, birds, and other unwanted pests. By using them, you won’t have to worry about reducing natural light or keeping the doors shut, negatively affecting the flow of traffic in your space. They are an easy, cost-effective solution for reducing potential contamination and disruption caused by vermin.

As you can see, plastic strip doors offer a wide range of benefits for your workplace. If you are looking for a manufacturer specialising in PVC strip doorway solutions in New Zealand, the Duraflex team can help. We offer a wide range of strip doors and strip curtains, which we can customise precisely to your needs. To learn more or to get a quote, please contact us at 0800 111 783 today.

Taking Safety to the Next Level When Using a Rock Breaker

Rock breakers are powerful and effective pieces of machinery that, in almost all situations, get the job done faster and more efficiently than any other method. That said, they are a brute force tool that produces noise, flying debris, and dust.

When it comes to noise, we’re not just talking about the noise made by the pick hitting the concrete. We are also talking about the noise caused from the hammer inside the housing generating a large amount of noise.

These impacts are also the cause of the flying debris and dust produced by the rock breaker. Both present a potential risk to the operator of the rock breaker, other workers nearby, other people nearby, nearby property, and to animals.

Rock Breaker

Mitigating Risks When a Rock Breaker is Operation

Most safety recommendations and guidelines for the use of rock breakers are concerned with the machine itself. For example, getting the boom down pressure and thrust direction right, not using the rock breaker to move broken rocks, and carefully positioning the steel point rather than dropping it onto the concrete or rock you want to break.

In terms of safety to people, the recommendations are typically limited to keeping workers and others at a safe distance from the rock breaker when it is in operation. As for the operator, the recommended risk mitigation measures usually involve wearing PPE, i.e. eye protection and/or face shields.

When it comes to noise control for construction sites, guidelines more often than not only involve another PPE recommendation for the operator, i.e. ensuring the operator wears hearing protection.

The Risk Mitigation Reality When Using a Rock Breaker

For many sites and work environments, however, this is not enough to mitigate all the risks involved. Even with the recommended PPE, operators are still at risk and it is not always practicable to keep other workers at a safe distance given the distance flying debris can sometimes travel when using a rock breaker.

You have to maintain that safe working distance from the rock breaker as much as possible, of course, as safety is the priority in these situations. This can slow down operations, however, and is generally not efficient.

In terms of sound control for construction sites, hearing protection may be suitable for the operator, but it won’t be suitable for all other workers.

Then there are those not working on the site but who are in close proximity – nearby residents, those working in businesses located close to the site, those walking by, etc. Do they have to simply put up with the excessive noise of a rock breaker doing its work?

Finding an Innovative Solution

In the modern world of construction and civil construction works, accepting the above as the ongoing reality is not enough. Clients now demand more as do employees, regulators, lawmakers, local authorities, and members of the public.

As a result, innovative thinking is required, although the solutions that solve the problems don’t need to be complex, challenging to implement, or prohibitively expensive.

Our HushTec rock breaker attachment is the perfect example. It comes in a standard design and can be fully customised and branded. Therefore, it fits any type of rock breaker with fitting only taking a couple of minutes.

Then, you just use the rock breaker as you normally would. The high-quality material is clear at the bottom so the operator can see the position of the steel point on the rock or concrete. This material, however, prevents debris from flying anywhere, keeping it contained in the HushTec attachment.

The attachment greatly reduces noise levels too – by up to 10db, in fact. This noise control solution for construction sites is good for the operator as it further mitigates the impact of noise.

It is also good for other workers and anyone else close to the building site as they will also experience reduced noise levels.

In other words, this attachment takes rock breaker safety and noise reduction to the next level.