Culvert Flumes NZ

Culvert Flumes NZ

Irrigation & Culvert Flumes

Our Culvert Flumes prevent erosion in the area around a culvert outlet. They have a unique design and are made with the best quality materials, ensuring high standards of performance and durability. We also manufacture everything in-house at Duraflex, ensuring you get the best products on the market at the best prices.

To prevent erosion close to the outlet of a culverCulvert Flumest, simply attach your Culvert Fume to the pipe. You can then control the direction of water as it exits the flume, directing it wherever you want it to go.

Our Culvert Flumes are available in any length, so you can channel the water to almost anywhere. They are also available in any colour or width, and in any diameter (OD size).

They are the ideal low-cost solution to erosion prevention.

High-Quality Design and Manufacture

Plastic Culvert Pipe

Our Culvert Fumes are made from ripstop material that is heavy duty and UV stable. They have a double reinforced hem, certified eyelets, and ground anchor points. Steel straps are also available to clamp the flume to the pipe.

The design makes our Culvert Flumes easy to install, effective, and durable. In fact, they have a usable life of over 10 years.

They are tried and tested too, as they are used in a range of locations here in New Zealand and around the world.

To get a quote for a Culvert Flume that will suit your requirements, please call us on 0800 111 783