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Irrigation & Culvert Flumes

Our Culvert Flumes prevent erosion in the area around a culvert outlet. They have a unique design and are made with the best quality materials, ensuring high standards of performance and durability. We also manufacture everything in-house at Duraflex, ensuring you get the best products on the market at the best prices.

To prevent erosion close to the outlet of a culverCulvert Flumest, simply attach your Culvert Fume to the pipe. You can then control the direction of water as it exits the flume, directing it wherever you want it to go.

Our Culvert Flumes are available in any length, so you can channel the water to almost anywhere. They are also available in any colour or width, and in any diameter (OD size).

They are the ideal low-cost solution to erosion prevention.

High-Quality Design and Manufacture

Plastic Culvert Pipe

Our Culvert Fumes are made from ripstop material that is heavy duty and UV stable. They have a double reinforced hem, certified eyelets, and ground anchor points. Steel straps are also available to clamp the flume to the pipe.

The design makes our Culvert Flumes easy to install, effective, and durable. In fact, they have a usable life of over 10 years.

They are tried and tested too, as they are used in a range of locations here in New Zealand and around the world.

To get a quote for a Culvert Flume that will suit your requirements, please call us on 0800 111 783

The Importance of Culvert Flumes

Culverts are closed tunnels that direct water from one location to another. Common applications are to direct water under a road, trail, or railway line. One of the problems with culverts, however, is the erosion and scouring they can cause at the outlet.

A solution to this problem of culvert outlet erosion is to install outlet protection to reduce the speed of water flow as it exits the culvert and to dissipate the impact of the water when it hits the surface.

Culvert flumes provide an alternative and much more cost-effective solution. With a culvert flume, you can direct the water completely away from the outlet of the culvert, so it exits the flume at a location that will cause minimal damage.

At Duraflex, we can manufacture culvert flumes to any length you need, allowing you to control the flow of water to where you want it to go. We’ll also customise your culvert flume to suit any outside diameter too.

Our customers also use culvert flumes when the objective is not necessarily erosion and scouring protection but to instead control where the water goes when it exits the culvert’s outlet.

The Flume Irrigation Solution You Are Looking For

Not to be confused with an open channel flume, our culvert flumes at Duraflex are an irrigation and water flow solution that you can install directly onto the outlet of your culvert. The benefits of choosing a Duraflex culvert flume include:

  • Manufactured from robust, lightweight materials
  • Can be supplied with steel straps to securely fix the flume to the culvert outlet
  • Ground anchor points along the full length of the flume so you can anchor the flume to the ground, preventing it from being blown in the wind or otherwise moved.
  • Our culvert flumes are custom manufactured according to your requirements including length and outside diameter.
  • We can provide expert advice on the best solution for your needs
  • You’ll benefit from our excellent levels of customer service
  • Delivery of your culvert flume is available anywhere in New Zealand
  • Fast turnaround times on your order
  • Ideal solution for controlling the flow of water, protecting embankments, preventing scouring, and stopping the erosion caused by water as it exits a culvert
  • Affordable prices on all culvert flumes
  • Excellent quality control so you can have confidence in the product you receive

Protecting the Environment

Roads, buildings, paths, and other human factors all have an impact on the environment. One of those impacts is interrupting the flow of water, leading to innovative solutions like culverts. Directing water away from the specified area – a road, for example – is not a sufficient solution, as we should also be concerned with what happens to the water when it exits the culvert.

The erosion that can be caused at a culvert exit can impact the structural integrity of the culvert itself. It also changes the landscape, causes pollution, and can cause other damage.

The solution is simple yet effective, and it is not costly. That solution is a culvert flume to direct the water where it will have minimal impact. Call us today to find out more.