Dewatering Bags and Tubes

Dewatering Bags & Tubes

Dewatering Bags – Construction projects in locations that are swampy, water-sodden, and/or low-lying need to be drained before the rest of the building work can continue. Dewatering BagsDraining this water is usually achieved by pumping.

However, the process of pumping out water also removes silt, dirt, sand, mud, and debris. This contaminated water can cause serious problems if it is simply pumped into a storm drain without first being filtered.

Dewatering Bags in Auckland

At Duraflex, our Dewatering Bags filter water that has been pumped out of a construction area. This removes all pollutants from the water including silt, sand, mud, and debris leaving only water, which can then be safely discharged into a drain.

Our Dewatering Bags are made from geotextile fabric, so they are highly effective, strong, and durable. They are also reusable. Get in touch today to find out more.

Benefits of Our Dewatering Bags

  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Large range of standard sizes available
  • Customised sizes and solutions also available
  • Made from high-quality fibres
  • Effectively removes pollutants from pumped out water
  • Cost-effective

When you buy from us, you will also benefit from our expert team and excellent after sales service.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes too. To find out more, and to get a quote, please call us on 0800 111 783