Net Catch

Net Catch

Net Catch Water Pollutant Trap

At Duraflex, our Net Catch water pollutant trap captures 100 percent of pollutants right down to 5mm in size. This effectively cleans water before it is discharged into drains or enters New Zealand’s waterways.

The pollutants that Net Catch captures include sediment, sand, and organic materials like leaves and branches. It also captures plastics and other man-made materials, i.e. materials which cause some of the worst damage to our waterways and result in the biggest disruption to marine life.

As a result of the pollutants that Net Catch removes from water, lower levels of nitrogen and phosphorous get into water bodies.

Features of Net Catch

  • Commercial grade product that can handle powerful stormwater runoffs
  • Reusable
  • Highly economical
  • Can help reduce the plastic that enters our rivers, lakes, and oceans
  • Improves water quality

Wide Range of Applications

Net Catch is used in New Zealand and around the world by local councils, marine service companies, consultants, erosion and sediment control contractors, and road authorities. Common applications of Net Catch include:

  • Anti-pollution activities and pollution control
  • Construction and demolition projects
  • Port development and maintenance works
  • Dredging projects
  • Jetty development and maintenance works
  • Piling works, particularly those that are close to water bodies
  • Land development, particularly those that are close to water bodies

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