Oil Spill Containment

Oil Spill Containment

Greentec Oil Spill Containment – Any length

Our Oil Spill Containment are highly effective temporary floating barriers that you can use to contain oil spills. Oil Spill ContainmentThis enables you to prevent spilled oil from polluting shorelines and other sensitive areas, plus you can keep the oil in one place to make recovery easier when working in and around the water.

In addition, our Oil Booms can also be used in other situations, such as containing duckweed or floating debris. Find out more today.

Great for Oil Spill Containment In Ocean’s

Oil Spill Kit NZ

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Air inflated
  • HUGE Stocks available for immediate dispatch
  • High visibility floating device
  • Available in any size and colour
  • UV resistant

As with all Duraflex products, you can expect the highest standards of performance when you use our Oil Booms. We manufacture them in-house from heavy duty 650 GSM ripstop PVC coated fabric.

The design includes foam or air flotation devices at the top and weights at the bottom. These are both sealed along the full length of the boom with tension.

There are also certified eyelets at both ends of the boom. These can be used as an anchor point or to join booms together to increase the length.

We have Oil Booms in stock, so get in touch today to discuss your requirements and to get a free, no-obligation quote. Please call 0800 111 783

Quickly and Effectively Deal with Oil Spills

Oil spills in any type of waterway need to be contained as quickly as possible. The same applies to spills of petrol or any other type of hydrocarbon spill. Whether the spill is in the ocean, a river, lake, pond, or any other watercourse, the spilled material first needs to be controlled – contained – and then removed from the water.

The most common method of oil spill containment in New Zealand is the use of booms. They can be quickly deployed in spill situations and are highly effective at preventing the oil or other spilled material from spreading further into the waterway.

Oil spill boom kits can be used for a variety of objectives. This includes preventing spilled oil from being washed up onto beaches, to stop oil spills from getting into a sensitive area, or simply to contain the oil until it can be removed from the water.

Choosing the Right Oil Spill Containment Solution

There are three critical questions you need to ask when choosing an oil spill containment solution. These questions are focused on the effectiveness and availability of the spill containment kit. Getting answers to the following three questions will speed up your response to the oil spill situation:

 Are there oil spill booms available for immediate dispatch?

In an oil spill situation, you don’t have time to wait for a supplier to get oil spill booms back in stock, or for a manufacturer to produce a solution for your requirements. Instead, you need oil spill booms ready to be shipped immediately to your location.

At Duraflex, we always have oil spill booms in stock and can turnaround customer orders quickly with minimal delay.

Are the oil spill booms suitable for your requirements?

It is also important to ensure the oil spill containment solution is suitable for your requirements. For example, not all oil spill booms are suitable for use in the ocean. There are also some that are only suitable for short-term use. So, make sure the solution you are choosing meets your requirements.

At Duraflex, we have several options to choose from, ensuring we can meet just about all needs in oil spill situations.

Are the oil spill booms effective?

Making sure the solution can effectively do the job is also important. So, find out about other oil spill situations where the booms have been used and the results of the containment effort.

Applications for Duraflex Oil Spill Containment Solutions

Our oil spill containment solutions are suitable for a range of different locations, including:

  •         Ocean locations, including in harbours and along shorelines
  •         Rivers, including fast-flowing rivers
  •         Dams
  •         Lakes
  •         Ponds

In particular, the durable and tough construction of our booms, in addition to the innovative design, means they can be used in rough water conditions.

Our 100 percent New Zealand manufactured booms are non-absorbent and are easy to handle, transport, and install. They are available in a range of section lengths, and they are UV resistant. We offer other customisation options, too, including colour, shape, and depth. They are also resistant to chemicals, making them suitable for a range of different spills, not just oil.