Heavy Duty Barriers NZ

Heavy Duty Barriers NZ

Thin Noise Barrier Solutions

At Duraflex, we pride ourselves on creating highly effective noise barrier and noise reduction solutions. We are also well-known in the industry for developing unique and innovative products. Our Elite Series noise barrier is in this category.

This is because it is an ultra-thin solution at only 5mm thick. Even though it is this thin, it still gets an STC25 rating.

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Therefore, if you are looking for a thin noise barrier, whatever application you need it for, please contact us.

Usage Applications

Our thin noise barrier solutions are ideal for a range of applications. This includes in buildings that are in use, but where construction work is ongoing. Examples include hospitals, government buildings, schools, offices, etc.

Construction work can be very disruptive in these situations. Our thin noise barriers cordon off the area where the construction work is being done, reducing the level of noise in other parts of the building.

Benefits of Our Noise Barrier Solutions

  • Available in any size or configuration to ensure it perfectly suits your required application
  • Standard sizes are available plus we offer custom designs too
  • Velcro and eyelets make hanging/fitting easy
  • Our thin noise barriers are lightweight
  • We use the highest quality materials
  • Our prices are competitive

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