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Hushtec Noise Barriers

At Duraflex, we pride ourselves on creating highly effective Hushtec Noise Barriers and noise reduction solutions. We are also well-known in the industry for developing unique and innovative products. Our Elite Series noise barrier is in this category.

This is because it is an ultra-thin solution at only 5mm thick. Even though it is this thin, it still gets an STC25 rating.

Heavy Duty Enclosure | Hushtec Noise Barriers

Therefore, if you are looking for a thin noise barrier, whatever application you need it for, please contact us.

Usage Applications

Our thin noise barrier solutions are ideal for a range of applications. This includes in buildings that are in use, but where construction work is ongoing. Examples include hospitals, government buildings, schools, offices, etc.

Construction work can be very disruptive in these situations. Our thin noise barriers cordon off the area where the construction work is being done, reducing the level of noise in other parts of the building.

Benefits of Our Noise Barrier Solutions

  • Available in any size or configuration to ensure it perfectly suits your required application
  • Standard sizes are available plus we offer custom designs too
  • Velcro and eyelets make hanging/fitting easy
  • Our thin noise barriers are lightweight
  • We use the highest quality materials
  • Our prices are competitive

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Finding the Right Construction Site Noise Control Solution

There are many situations where construction work must take place close to other people as it is not always feasible to close down an entire building or facility.  A school is a good example. A large construction project on a school property probably has a schedule that means it will last many weeks or months beyond school holiday periods. Therefore, the work will be taking place while children are learning, and while teachers and other adults in the school are working.

In situations like these, controlling noise is essential to minimise disruption as much as possible. To do this, you need versatile noise barriers that can be easily installed where you need them. Noise barriers that are easy to move to a different location as required are helpful too.

Construction Noise Barriers

At Duraflex, we manufacture a range of construction noise barriers, including products that are ideal for the situation described above. Our Hushtec noise barriers can even reduce noise levels when construction work is taking place inside a building where other people are present. The reduction in noise levels is substantial, even in the most challenging conditions. We’ll also customise the noise barrier to ensure maximum levels of performance.

Plus, even though our noise barriers are thin, they are also effective at containing dust.

Not only that, but our noise barriers also look professional, particularly if you have them customised to carry your company’s logo, a message, and/or information.

Meeting the Expectations of Your Customers

Many customers planning construction projects want more from their contractors than they used to. These additional expectations often involve the control of noise beyond what is required under health and safety legislation. Specifically, more and more construction project customers now want effective noise mitigation solutions to be implemented to minimise the level of disruption.

You will already have taken steps to protect the workers on your site from the impact of noise, including by issuing protective equipment and by taking other mitigating actions. At Duraflex, we’ve got solutions that will help you take this a stage further to meet the expectations of your customers. In fact, our noise barriers will go further – they will exceed the expectations of your customers, all for a competitive price.

Five-Step Process

  1. Identify noise risks on your project – the starting point for effectively controlling noise on a construction project is usually to identify the risks. So, assess the type of work you will be undertaking and the machinery that will be involved. It is also helpful to assess the site, considering things like the proximity of neighbours, the impact of noise on the site’s workers, and whether there are buildings or walls close by that will reflect the sound.
  2. Speak to one of our experts – once you have identified the project’s risks, speak to a member of the Duraflex team. We’ll develop a tailored noise control solution with our industry-leading noise barriers.
  3. Duraflex will manufacture your noise barriers – we manufacture our noise barriers to the highest standard, with delivery available anywhere in New Zealand.
  4. Implement the noise barriers on-site – you will need to implement the noise barriers on your construction site. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, plus they have both eyelets and Velcro to assist with fitting.
  5. Review and assess – finally, assess the effectiveness of the solution that has been implemented, identifying any noise risks that remain.