Lightweight Barrier Noise Absorbing

Lightweight Barrier Noise Absorbing

Performance Series Lightweight Barrier – Any Size, Shape, ColourLightweight Barrier

Do you need a noise barrier for a location that is very noise sensitive? Do you want a lightweight Barriers easily portable solution? If so, you need a noise barrier made from the highest quality materials with a design that has significant noise reduction properties. This is exactly what you get with our Performance Series noise barrier.

Performance Series Lightweight Barrier Noise Panels NZ

It is one of the most lightweight barrier for Noise Absorbing in our range, but there is no reduction in its performance. In fact, it has excellent noise reduction properties.

In addition, it is fully customisable. This means you can choose from our standard sizes and configurations, or we can design and develop a custom solution for you. Either way, you can have confidence you are getting one of the best performing noise barriers on the market.

Lightweight Barrier for Noise Absorbing

Our lightweight noise barriers are used in a range of situations. This includes in hospitals, government buildings, schools, and labs, i.e. locations that are noise sensitive. In other words, environments where excessive cause will cause significant interruption to business operations, users, patients, comfort levels, etc.

Our lightweight noise barriers are easy to install, they are long-lasting, and they are robust and strong. We keep our prices competitive too, so you can get the noise barrier you need.

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Top Tips for Buying and Using Lightweight Noise Barriers

If you are looking for lightweight barriers, our HushTec Performance Sound Barrier is the ideal solution. They are part of our HushTec series of noise control barrier solutions. They are suitable for a range of applications, particularly where portability and ease of installation are important.

The following tips will help you achieve your noise control objectives.

Properly Prioritise Noise Control

Noise control is an essential health and safety requirement, plus it may be an important consideration if you have neighbours close by who will be affected by the noise. There are many other benefits to properly controlling the noise on your site or facility, however. These benefits go far beyond what is typically considered as basic noise control requirements.

For example, excessive noise impacts communication, productivity, and concentration. Therefore, your operations will be more efficient and effective if you control noise as much as possible.

Get Lightweight Barriers That are Easy to Install

Make sure the barrier solution you choose is easy to install and move on your current site, while also being easy to completely dismantle and potentially store when the work is complete.

Ensure the Solution Can be Customised

Get a customised barrier solution with your branding, colour of choice, safety information, and anything else you require printed on it. You might also have other customisation requirements, such as the size of each panel and the fitting options.

Ensure the Barrier Offers the Level of Performance You Need

There is no point getting a noise barrier that is lightweight but that doesn’t deliver the required levels of performance. Instead, you should choose a high performing noise barrier that’s also lightweight and easily portable. That’s what you’ll get with our HushTec Performance Sound Barrier.

Make sure the barrier is genuinely lightweight. With a lightweight barrier, you give up some noise control properties in favour of getting a barrier that is easy to move from one location to another.

Get Barriers that are UV Resistant

To ensure the longest life possible, make sure the panels are also UV resistant. Barriers that that are resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays will look better for longer.

Assess Your Site

Take time to do a proper assessment of the impact of noise on your site. Identify the activities, machines, and equipment that will cause the most noise, as well as assessing who will be impacted by that noise. With this information, you can develop the best possible solution. 

Get Expert Advice

Controlling noise can be complicated. You need the right barriers and noise control solutions, they need to be installed in the right places, and they need to be installed properly. You will also probably need PPE for some of your workers, as well as health and safety procedures and training.

At Duraflex, we can provide you with expert advice to ensure you get a solution that minimises noise as much as possible for the lowest possible investment.

Optimise the Installation of Your Noise Barrier

In most situations, installing noise barriers as close as possible to the source of the noise will deliver the best results. The reason for this is that installing the barrier close to the source limits the distribution of noise. If you install the noise barrier far away from the source, the noise will already have spread over a wide area before it reaches the barrier.