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Pile Rig Attachments

Pile Rig AttachmentsPile Rig Attachments are necessary on many construction projects, but they are noise machines. This noise can disrupt your workers, but it can also disrupt residents, businesses, and organisations who are in close proximity to your work.


Pile Rig Attachments for Industrial Noise Control NZ

In addition, the noise from pile rigging can also cause a disturbance to animals.

We have the solution at Duraflex as our pile rig noise barriers significantly reduce the noise impact of these machines. In fact, our pile rig noise barriers reduce noise levels by up to 10db. Contact us today to find out more.

Flexible and Adaptable Solutions

Our pile rig noise barriers are suitable for any type, make, or model of pile rig, plus we can design and develop a custom solution if you need something more unique. They are easy to fit, and they are made from high-quality materials. This ensures high levels of performance and long-lasting durability.

The Duraflex Difference

  • We have extensive experience producing noise barriers and other products for companies in a wide range of industries
  • We always use high-quality materials
  • Our pile rig noise barriers are proven to be effective and are in use across New Zealand and around the world
  • We keep our prices competitive

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Improving Safety on Your Site Using Pile Rig Attachments

Pile rigs are highly effective at driving piles into the ground. They are not without their risks, however. Those risks are varied, but one of the most difficult to solve is noise.

When it comes to noise, there is the noise of the machine, but pile rigging noise isn’t limited to the noise of engines and hydraulics. The impact of the hammer onto the pile causes significant noise too.

The noise created by the hammer hitting the pile can affect the operator of the pile rig, other workers on the site, and people outside the site who are in close proximity. The level of noise risk involved depends on how close you are to the pile rig as well as the mitigation measures that are in place.

Minimise The Noise

In terms of mitigation measures, there are several potential options to minimise the noise produced by your pile driving equipment. For example, you can select equipment that has noise-reducing features. Limiting the time pile rig equipment can operate is another risk mitigation measure that you can put in place.

Mitigating risks from the noise produced by the impact of the hammer is a more difficult challenge to overcome. On many sites, the solution usually involves providing the operator of the pile rig with hearing protection while also keeping others away from the location.

In some situations, you might also be able to install acoustic panels around the area where the pile rig is working. This solution can slow operations, however, and it doesn’t offer any additional protection to the operator.

Our pile rig attachments at Duraflex are the solution.

Reducing Pile Rigging Noise with Hushtec

Our pile rig attachments are part of our Hushtec range of products. These industry-leading products use the best materials along with innovatively engineered designs to control noise, even in the harshest of conditions.

The pile rig attachments we manufacture are specifically designed to deal with pile rigging noise.

You can buy a pile rig attachment from us at Duraflex as a standard product, or we can customise it for you, including adding your branding to the attachment. We have solutions available to suit all types and sizes of pile rigs.

Secure Rig

The attachment fits securely onto the rig, and it can withstand the vibrations and impact of the hammer’s operation. In other words, your operators can continue using the pile rig as normal with the noise-reducing attachment installed.

Plus, not only does the attachment reduce noise, but it also helps contain dust and debris.

To find out more about our Hushtec pile rig attachment and to get a quote for your requirements, please give us a call on 0800 111 783.

Taking Noise Reduction to the Next Level

At Duraflex, we help construction and civil works companies in New Zealand optimise their noise control measures. Our noise control solutions improve worksite safety, ensure compliance with all local and national regulations, and improve relationships with neighbours who could be impacted by excessive noise.

Pile rig attachments are an important product in our range. Get in touch today to find out more.