Premium Series Noise Control Solutions

HUSHTEC – Lightweight Barriers

The Premium Series noise barrier is the most effective noise barrier that we offer at Duraflex. It’s high-performing noise reduction and absorption properties mean it is the ideal solution for environments that are extremely noise sensitive.

If you need noise to be almost completely blocked out, the Premium Series is the ideal choice.

We manufacture our noise barriers in-house, with standard sizes available off-the-shelf. We also offer custom products too, so you can get an excessive noise barrier in any size or shape.

Please get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.

Experts in the Noise Reduction Industry

Transparent Noise Panels

When you choose a Duraflex excessive noise barrier, you can have confidence you are getting the best product on the market. Our noise barriers are used in applications in New Zealand and around the world.

Our customers trust our products because of the consistent levels of performance and high-quality designs. Our products are also robust and strong, so will stand the test of time, even after multiple uses.

Plus, you’ll have access to the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the noise reduction industry.

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Effective Noise Control Solutions

At Duraflex, we specialise in manufacturing premium noise barriers that are highly effective at blocking and absorbing noise. They are the highest performing temporary noise barriers on the market, they are portable, and they can be used on scaffolding, fencing, hoarding, and in a range of other applications. You can use our premium solutions to create enclosures, build noise walls of any size, and much more.

Sheets of plywood are the traditional method of trying to reduce the impact of noise, but plywood is highly ineffective as it vibrates and reflects sound, increasing noise levels.

It’s time to dump the plywood and take noise control at your site or facility to the next level. At Duraflex, our noise control solutions are designed specifically to absorb and deaden noise rather than reflecting it. These noise absorption properties ensure reduced sound levels where it matters most.

Get Fewer Noise Complaints with Our Noise Control Solutions in Auckland

You need to create noise in order to complete your project. However, you are not working in a bubble. There might be people living close to your worksite or other businesses. If you create too much noise, they are likely to complain.

Our noise control solutions are used on a wide range of worksites in Auckland and elsewhere in New Zealand and Australia. They are also used extensively at entertainment venues and other locations where the control of noise is important.

While receiving fewer complaints in your business is not the only reason for using a premium noise control solution, it is an important one.

How Premium-Grade Acoustic Panels Help You Get More Work Done on Your Site

Noise causes annoyance to people living and working close to your job site, and it poses a health risk to your workers. There is another impact of noise that is important to consider – productivity levels.

If your worksite is too noisy, if machines don’t have noise control solutions installed, and if noise mitigation measures are ineffective, productivity levels can fall. There are several reasons for this, including increased worker stress and dissatisfaction, as well as the communication challenges that noise can create.

Our premium acoustic panels are effectively used on job sites across Auckland to reduce noise, resulting in a more productive working environment. In other words, when you have a noise control solution in place, you will get more done.

Why Choose Noise Control Solutions from Duraflex

  • Tried and tested – our premium noise control solutions are tried and tested in the most challenging environments by leading companies across New Zealand.
  • Solutions for your requirements – whether you need one of our standard products or a customised solution, we can help. The customisation options include making the noise barriers lighter, so they are easier to move to a different location, or heavier to maximise the noise reduction properties of the barrier.
  • Free consultation – a member of our expert team can meet at your site to give you the best advice on the right noise control solution for your needs. Our aim will be to reduce the noise on your site to the required level with the fewest possible noise barriers.
  • Highly durable – construction sites and other locations where our acoustic panels are commonly used are tough working environments. We have made our products strong and durable to ensure you can depend on them over the long-term.
  • Easy to install – we have also designed and engineered our premium noise control solutions to be easy to install. Plus, when you need to move them to a different position or a different site, you can do this too.