Transparent Acoustic Panel

Transparent Acoustic Panel

Is your industrial site, factory, or building work producing excessive levels of noise?Transparent Acoustic Panel If the area is still being used for other purposes, such as a school or commercial centre, cordoning the site off to reduce sound pollution is a common requirement. And our Duraflex transparent acoustic panels can help you do just that.

Transparent Acoustic Panels in NZ

Our acoustic barriers have excellent noise reduction properties. Their transparency means you’ll get total visibility, too. This aspect is highly beneficial if they surround a historic or natural site, or people must be able to view an area for safety reasons.

One usage application for these transparent noise barrier solutions is when a live event occurs near an industrial facility or construction site. The resulting noise from this building work could easily interrupt and disrupt the live event. Our noise barriers can reduce the amount of sound created while not hampering visibility.

This is just one potential usage application. As we can produce them to entirely custom specifications, our highly versatile panels are applicable for diverse needs and uses.

Please get in touch with the Duraflex NZ team at 0800 111 783 today to discuss your specific noise control requirements with us.

Options Available

  • Our transparent noise barriers are available in all sizes, including standard sizes and custom designs.
  • Highly robust and durable
  • Exceptional noise reduction and soundproofing properties
  • Custom made right here in New Zealand to your requirements
  • Velcro fittings and eyelets make them easy to install

If you would like a quote for our noise proofing products, please contact us at 0800 111 783 to speak to a member of our team.

Acoustic Panels – the Ideal Noise Control Solution

Are noise levels in your organisation or business premises disrupting productivity or commercial activity? Do you have an area in your industrial site with noisy machines in operation or excess sound levels in your open-plan office?

High levels of noise can impact other workers, especially those whose jobs require high focus or employees in client-facing roles.

Poor acoustics can also impact productivity, customer service, and workplace motivation. Excess sound has also been known to cause fatigue and have a damaging influence on communication. It could even lead to health and safety issues, for instance, if your employees cannot hear necessary safety instructions due to high noise.

The Duraflex team is committed to providing you with solutions to your acoustic problems. Whether you have a small office room or extensive, open commercial space, our panels will make a big difference. Just contact us at 0800 111 783 to learn more.

Benefits of Our Acoustic Panel Product Range

As they are transparent, our panels allow light to pass through.

This transparent construction offers a range of benefits. Firstly, transparency means that these panels will not leave areas feeling as enclosed as opaque panels would. Our panels are also handy for providing natural light, which is beneficial for learning, productivity, and putting customers at ease.

The Duraflex series of acoustic panels is also highly beneficial if you need constant visibility into an area, such as seeing that machinery is operating as it should be or for health and safety reasons.

Every acoustic panel is entirely customisable in terms of length, shape, and size. They are lightweight and specifically designed to hang from the ceiling to the floor in your facility, allowing each panel to trap as much sound as possible.

Non-Transparent Features

Did you know that we can also add non-transparent features to sections of your barrier as necessary?

By absorbing sound, our panels will minimise disruption created by noise. They also help reduce echoes, meaning that, depending on the configuration of your facility, they may also help reduce sound within the noisy area itself.

We custom manufacture each of our acoustic panels to your specifications, so you can be confident that you will receive a soundproofing product that meets your needs. If you would like a quote or to place an order, please contact the Duraflex team at 0800 111 783 today.

Acoustic Wall or Enclosure

The Duraflex line of acoustic panels is the ideal solution for creating a transparent acoustic enclosure. Whether you need a fully transparent, complete enclosed space or a single wall designed to block sound, our panels are perfect for the job.

An acoustic wall or enclosure is a practical solution for controlling the noise produced by factory equipment or machines. In addition to minimising sound pollution, an acoustic enclosure can also help prevent the production of dust.

Our panels are durable and easy to install or join to form a comprehensive acoustic wall. They form an affordable yet highly effective solution for acoustic and other noise control issues in your space.

To learn more about our custom acoustic treatment and control products, or to get a custom quote, please get in touch with us at 0800 111 783.