Transparent Acoustic Panel

Transparent Acoustic Panel

Transparent Acoustic Panels

Do you need to cordon off an area in a factory or industrial site, or in a location with Transparent Acoustic Panelongoing building work, to reduce noise levels? This is a common occurrence, particularly where the building or location is in use for other reasons, and where the people using the building or location will be interrupted by the noise.

Transparent Acoustic Panels NZ

Our transparent noise barriers are the ideal solution as they have excellent noise reduction properties as well as being fully transparent.

An example of a usage application for our transparent noise barrier solutions is when a live event is taking place close to a construction or industrial site. The noise from the construction or industrial site could interrupt and disrupt the live event, but our noise barrier can block the noise.

Of course, this is only one potential usage application – there are many.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact us today.

Options Available

  • Standard sizes and custom designs, i.e. our transparent noise barriers are available in any size
  • Durable and robust
  • Excellent noise reduction properties
  • Custom made here in NZ to suit your requirements
  • Easy to install with Velcro fittings and eyelets

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