Transparent Acoustic Panel

Transparent Acoustic Panel

Transparent Acoustic Panels

Do you need to cordon off an area in a factory or industrial site, or in a location with Transparent Acoustic Panelongoing building work, to reduce noise levels? This is a common occurrence, particularly where the building or location is in use for other reasons, and where the people using the building or location will be interrupted by the noise.

Transparent Acoustic Panels NZ

Our transparent noise barriers are the ideal solution as they have excellent noise reduction properties as well as being fully transparent.

An example of a usage application for our transparent noise barrier solutions is when a live event is taking place close to a construction or industrial site. The noise from the construction or industrial site could interrupt and disrupt the live event, but our noise barrier can block the noise.

Of course, this is only one potential usage application – there are many.

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Options Available

  • Standard sizes and custom designs, i.e. our transparent noise barriers are available in any size
  • Durable and robust
  • Excellent noise reduction properties
  • Custom made here in NZ to suit your requirements
  • Easy to install with Velcro fittings and eyelets

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Transparent Acoustic Panels – the Ideal Noise Control Solution

Do you have a location in your business or organisation where noise is disruptive? This could be a part of your facility where noisy machines are in operation or where the work is noisy for other reasons. This can impact other workers, including those working in offices who need to talk on the phone.

The impact on your business that noise in this type of situation can cause is significant. It can affect productivity, customer service levels, and workforce motivation. Excess sound is also known to cause fatigue, and it can have a detrimental impact on communication. There can even be health and safety issues that you need to consider.

At Duraflex, we provide solutions to your noise problems. One of our most popular products is our transparent acoustic panels.

Benefits of Our Transparent Acoustic Panels

As they are transparent, our transparent acoustic panels allow light to pass through as well as making it possible to see into the other area, whether you are outside looking in or inside looking out. This transparency is beneficial for a range of reasons, not least the fact that a transparent barrier doesn’t make areas feel as enclosed as a non-transparent barrier would.

The fact that light can pass through the barrier is also beneficial. In addition, transparent acoustic panels are ideal if you need to be able to see into an area from outside.

As our product is supplied in panels that can be joined together, we can help with whatever length, shape, or size of acoustic panel that you need. They are lightweight and are specifically designed to hang from floor to ceiling in your facility, maximising their effectiveness.

Non-transparent Features

We can even add non-transparent features to sections of the barrier as required.

With our transparent acoustic panels installed, sound will be absorbed, minimising disruption on the other side of the panel. Depending on the configuration of your facility, sound can also be reduced inside the noisy area as our transparent acoustic panels also reduce echo.

When you buy acoustic panels from us, we’ll tailor the solution according to your requirements and will custom manufacture each panel. To speak to a member of our team, please get in touch today.

Transparent Acoustic Enclosure

If you want to create a transparent acoustic enclosure, our panels are the ideal solution. They can be used to create a fully transparent enclosure or to act as a wall or access door on one side of the enclosure.

Creating a transparent acoustic enclosure is ideal for controlling the sound of noisy machines and equipment in a range of situations, from factories to industrial plants to construction sites. The enclosure minimises sound pollution from noisy activities, and it can help to control dust.

They are durable as well as being easy to install, and they can be an affordable yet highly effective solution to sound issues at your location.

We’ll custom design and manufacture your transparent acoustic enclosure according to your needs. To find out more and to get a quote for your requirements, please call us today on 0800 111 783.