Performance Series Noise Barrier


The lightweight yet extremely effective acoustic barrier that offers superior noise absorption! Made for extreme noise sensitive environments and built to diminish unwanted sound.
The Hushtec Performance series barrier has incredible acoustic properties and was designed to be very effective at controlling unwanted noise in critical environments such as hospitals, government offices, and laboratories etc where maintenance and construction/demolition noise can be extremely disturbing. Hushtec Performance series barriers help reduce noise by cordoning of the affected areas, so the required work can continue without interrupting any other nearby organizations.
The Hushtec barriers are extremely versatile and can be configured to create any size enclosure or hoarding to ensure maximum sound reduction. Each unit has Velcro down either side of the panel and heavy duty S/S eyelets on all four sides to enable suspension from various substrates.
The Hushtec Performance series panels have a makeup of noise barrier and absorption properties to ensure they offer superior acoustic performance for every application.

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