Screen Doorways and Walls


Quality and Durability guaranteed! The Smartec strip screen is also often
referred to as strip doors or flap doors. The Smartec PVC strip curtains and
sliding screens are extremely effective at controlling many workshop
hazards and creating a more efficient and organized workplace.

By enclosing/screening or segregating your warehouse with a Smartec PVC screen, noise, dust, smoke / fumes, splash and much more can be controlled in a very cost effective way.

DURAFLEX holds a large range of Smartec PVC strip in many different colors and thicknesses to ensure we have the right product for your application.

DURAFLEX can also supply you with replacement strips for your existing curtains. This could be a full roll or pre-cut PVC to your exact size and delivered as a kitset for a quick and easy installation.

All products are available immediately and are provided either in a kit-set form or our Smartec certified installation team can offer a complete install for you.


Smartec PVC Strip screens are used to control :

  • Noise
  • Dust
  • Airflow
  • Smoke or Fumes
  • Contamination
  • Food Tainting
  • Bird or Insect
  • Temperature
  • Humidity



  • Noise Barriers
  • Dust Control
  • Smoke or Fume Control
  • Cross Contamination Prevention
  • Wash Bay Screens
  • Welding Screens
  • Controlled Environments
  • Weather Protection
  • Airflow Control
  • Bird or Insect Control
  • Cool Rooms and Freezers


  • The Smartec PVC Strip screens provide a flexible barrier while still allowing for 100% access
  • Personnel, Trolleys, and Forklifts simply pass through the strip curtains and the flexible plastic strips fall back into place¬†creating the required barrier.
  • Smartec strip Doors are extremely effective at creating controlled environments and screening off workshop hazards.
  • By using a Smartec PVC strip curtain, companies can create safe, enjoyable, efficient and organized workplaces.
  • All Smartec PVC strip screens and doors are fabricated in-house using only the best materials available.
  • The mounting components are made up using aluminum and stainless steel to provide a long last and non-corrosive runner.
  • Having a wide range of Smartec products available gives us the ability to supply the right product the first time for every application
  • Assembly and installation of the Smartec strip curtains are very simple and requires only basic tools to install, however Duraflex also have a Smartec certified installation team who could offer a complete supply and install package if required.
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