Contamination Control

Contamination Control

At Duraflex, we manufacture and supply a wide range of wall and large sheet curtains that make highly effective and low-cost cross-contamination protection solutions. This enables you to utilise all your floorspace while also complying with health and safety regulations, quality standards, industry best practice standards, contractual requirements, etc.

Clean Room

Our cross-contamination protection solutions can be used for any application. This includes food-grade screens, dust or fume control, or to control temperature.

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Practical Usage Examples

Cross Contamination Control

  • Rooms containing sensitive equipment
  • Parts storage areas
  • Tool rooms
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Washrooms
  • Aviation manufacturing and maintenance facilities
  • Medical device, pharmaceutical, and electronics manufacturing facilities as well as other high-precision manufacturing operations
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical manufacturing plants

Reasons to Choose Duraflex

  • Customisable cross contamination solutions
  • Low cost and highly effective alternative to building a structural wall
  • Made from UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials
  • Flexible
  • Tested with a wide range of chemicals and corrosive agents to ensure our products are compliant with common regulations
  • Minimal footprint to maximise floorspace
  • Clear PVC window options to allow sufficient light transfer

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The Importance of Contamination Control

Are you looking for a contamination control solution? Whatever industry you are in, our solutions at Duraflex will deliver on your requirements.

The issue of contamination and pollution control is an important one. There is the nuisance factor in many locations where dust and other particles are produced by processes like grinding, cutting, and mixing. Without a proper control solution in place, these particles can end up on furniture, computer equipment, other types of equipment, floors, and windows. The result is an untidy environment that requires cleaning more than usual. Plus, the particles can cause damage to some equipment, making it a maintenance issue as well.

Product Quality

For some situations, product quality and safety are the primary concerns. If this is the case in your company, you will know the challenges that can exist. Whether you are producing precision equipment, food products, products for the life sciences sector, or other types of products, airborne contaminants and pollutants can ruin products and create various risks, including health risks.

Those health risks range from degraded or spoiled food products making it onto shop shelves, to employees being exposed to harmful substances.

Safety considerations are also often important, particularly in environments where airborne particles can become flammable or explosive.

Contamination Control Options

The main ways of controlling contamination include:

  • Exhaust solutions – using a local exhaust to remove particles as they are created, or an area exhaust to remove air from a room. Some exhaust systems also use filtration.
  • Barrier solutions – where you install a physical barrier in the areas that are impacted by contaminants and pollution.

You can also use a combination of both. For example, by using a barrier solution, you can reduce the space where particles will be distributed, so you can reduce the size of the exhaust system you need to use.

Our Contamination Control Products

A Duraflex, we specialise in the supply of customised contamination control products. Our barriers come in a range of forms, depending on your requirements, and we can customise the size of the solution too.

They include features that make them easy to install, and they can be clear, partially transparent, or opaque. For the latter, a range of colour options is available.

We’ll make sure the contamination control products we supply to your organisation meet your specific requirements. This will mean they will be the exact size that you need, speeding up the installation process even further.

Plus, you can have confidence in the quality of our manufacturing methods and the high standards of customer service that we deliver. Get in touch today to find out more.

Clean Room Solutions

At Duraflex, we can supply the overlapping panels and sheet curtains that you need to create a soft wall cleanroom in your facility. The panels are self-closing to maximise contamination control, and they are low-cost, making them an economical clean room option. They are also clear, allowing those outside to keep a check on what is happening inside the clean room while also letting in light.

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