Top 8 Advantages of PVC Curtains You Might Not Know About

Are you thinking about installing PVC curtains in your workspace? Are you unsure if they are right for you? Here are 8 advantages you should know about!

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1. They Are Durable

PVC curtains are arguably the most durable and low maintenance option to suit your business or workplace requirements. They are built and designed to cater to the busiest of work environments and can withstand extreme temperatures and common chemicals. The strong and durable composition of PVC curtains makes them ideal for the most rigorous environments, stretching and moving to allow large amounts of repeated impact from machinery and foot traffic, whilst keeping their shape.
PVC Curtains are also easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Wiping them down with a simple solution will have them looking brand new.

2. They Are Easy To Mount

Not only are PVC curtains durable in their construction, but they are easy to mount and install. Good quality PVC curtains will have mounting components made from aluminium and stainless steel, these materials prevent corrosion and ensure product longevity.
Only basic tools are required for installation, and kits are available so you can do the work yourself. Alternatively, there are certified teams that will come onsite and install your PVC curtains for you, the process is straightforward and won’t take long.

3. They Regulate And Control Temperature

The installation of PVC curtains will ensure your employees are working in an environment where heat and humidity are under control. The addition of PVC curtains will allow you to regulate and control the temperature of your premise without restricting natural light and maintaining easy access.
Whether you have large areas that require temperatures to be isolated from the rest of the space, or smaller areas that require heat retention, PVC curtains will ensure you are keeping each environment independent. PVC curtains will ensure entrances and doorways are sealed but are easy to move through, ensuring areas of refrigeration and air conditioning are contained

4. They Are Affordable

A great advantage of PVC curtains that you might not know, is their affordability – not only in their outright cost and installation but in their upkeep and maintenance. Unlike industrial doors, PVC curtains have no mechanical function, keeping maintenance costs at a minimum, and no servicing fees.
PVC curtains are an inexpensive solution to solve a wide array of problems, not only do they prevent pests from entering your premises, but they also conserve energy, and will save you money in the long run.

5. They offer Good Protection

Protecting your employees from the contamination of chemicals and insulating them from noise is important for the safety and productivity of your workplace. PVC curtains offer you a great solution for containing and dividing different areas of a shared space. They ensure loud noises are reduced and chemicals being used are contained in their designated area, protecting staff from the disruptions of the workspace.
PVC curtains also prevent fires in the way they contain, isolate and control the atmosphere of which they enclose. PVC curtains are fire retardant, making them the perfect solution for accessways to welding stations and other hazardous tasks.

6. Reduce Pests

The installation of PVC curtains will mean no more pest problems and a more effective sealing system for segregated areas. Protecting your workspace from unwanted flies, insects, vermin and birds will ensure hygiene regulations are met and product contamination is minimised.
PVC curtains are especially suitable for workplaces in the food detector, they enable free movement between spaces while keeping entrances and doorways sealed. The intrusion of pests can seriously damage your products and hinder production, by sealing off different departments of your workplace, you are actively controlling pests without the use of nasty poisons and constant monitoring.

7. They Reduce Your Energy Costs

Managing the layout of your premises effectively is the key to reducing energy costs and maximising efficiency. Insulating your space using PVC curtains will protect employees from the outside elements, keeping out the cold, rain and humidity. They will prevent the loss of heat in large areas of the workplace, and insulate the smaller areas.
PVC curtains are also an effective storage solution for products, controlling humidity and drafts, therefore limiting the penetration of moisture.

8. There Is A Wide Range To Choose From

A great advantage of choosing PVC curtains is how fully customizable they are. Regardless of the size, length or shape of your space, PVC curtains can be adapted to suit your spatial requirements.
Creating a well organised, safer workplace starts with effective barriers. Here are a few ways PVC curtains can be customised to fit your needs:
Yellow tinted for repelling insects.
Red tinted for reducing glare, this is particularly useful for welding bays.
Varying thicknesses.
Freezer-grade clear PVC.

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