What Are The Benefits of Acoustic Walls?

How do acoustic walls work?

Sound pollution is one of the most significant disturbances in our urban landscape. All sorts of factors contribute to this: ringing phones, electronic equipment, and open-plan offices.

Acoustic walls are made from acoustic panels and foam, which make them ideal sound barriers. They do a great job of reducing noise amplification.

Acoustic walls are made up of acoustic panels, consisting of a core made of sound-insulating material and an outer covering of porous fabric. This makes them perfectly designed to trap sound waves and control reverberations in enclosed areas. The porous outer layer allows sound to penetrate to the core, which then absorbs the noise.

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Reduce noise

Sound barriers like acoustic walls are excellent at reducing the amount of echo present within a room. This is especially important in larger places, where noise and echos have a more significant effect.

Increase productivity

Acoustic walls help reduce noise reverberation, which reduces the overall sound level. This helps improve focus and create calmer surrounds, which allows you to maximise business efficiency and output.

High noise levels create an increased risk of distractions, which leads to lowered productivity. Using sound barriers to improve acoustics makes it easier for staff to concentrate, make and receive phone calls, and hold conversations without distracting other colleagues.

That is why acoustic walls are an excellent modern soundproofing option.


Are you having confidential meetings? Discussing important projects? Or just looking for privacy in your home or office space? Acoustic walls prevent voices from leaking outside or across rooms. They help muffle sound, allowing employees to hold private conversations without being overheard.

Acoustic walls also help block noise from travelling outside houses, affording you more privacy in your home and allowing you to avoid disturbing your neighbours.

Increase wellness

High levels of background noise have been shown to increase stress by making it difficult for people to hear and concentrate. By using sound barriers to reduce noise levels, you create a more welcoming environment. Sound pollution can also damage cognitive functioning, listening capacity, and cause headaches and stress.

With acoustic walls, you avoid health issues related to over-exposure to excessive sound.

Improve workplace safety

In workplaces with noisy equipment or machinery, acoustic walls can help absorb unwanted noise and make other sounds clearer. This allows staff to hear and understand each other, helping them to communicate efficiently to avoid accidents.

They’re also great for meeting requirements set by noise control protocols. This is because they allow you to cordon off areas in factories, industrial sites, or locations with ongoing building work, reducing noise levels.

Improve sound quality

By absorbing unwanted sound like noise and echos, acoustic walls help to make other sounds clearer, improving the quality of sound in a location.

This makes them excellent sound barriers for recording studios, home theatres, conference rooms and meeting desks.

Looking for noise control solutions?

At Duraflex, we offer transparent acoustic panels with excellent noise reduction properties. Made right here in NZ, our sound barriers are available in custom sizes and are easy to install.

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