Why And How You Should Use An Acoustic Panel

If you are thinking of facilitating or hosting an event where sound and noise is the focal point of the production, installing effective temporary acoustic panels is most likely at the top of your priority list. With so many options out there, finding the appropriate noise control solution can often appear like a tricky job, but it doesn’t have to be!

Working with a company that uses the latest sound control technology in their acoustic panels will ensure you are taking full advantage of the solutions available. For actively retaining and controlling the noise of your next event, we would recommend you look at the benefits of sound barriers to understand how acoustic panels work and how their application can best be applied for maximum effect within your next project.

Acoustic Panel

What Does An Acoustic Panel Do?

An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing material used to control, minimise or redirect sound within the area it borders. With a variety of different designs and methods of application, acoustic panels can vary in their composition and configuration which means choosing the right panel solution for your application is important.

Often acoustic panels are used to improve the quality of sound within a venue and restrict the noise from beyond its walls. By effectively controlling the vibration and echo of sound, acoustic panels are an ideal solution for anything from building work and construction to live concerts and music festivals.

A good example of how acoustic panels can be used to control the sounds in larger venues is the recent Six60 concert at Eden Park New Zealand. The expert team at Duraflex NZ was called in to take care of the sound and skillfully manage its distribution. With an audience of 50,000 people and a venue situated within a residential area, installing the right acoustic panels was crucial for its success. Using HushTec performance series noise walls, Duraflex NZ effectively reduced the noise for non-participants and enhanced the audio for those within the stadium.

Vinyl Noise Barrier

How Acoustic Panels Should Be Used

With absorption, diffusion and attenuation as the primary functions of acoustic panels, the way they are set up and how they are installed are also key components in their effectiveness.

Acoustic panels can be used to insulate and control sound in a variety of different applications, with the most popular being, but not limited to:

  • Private building work around your home or property.
  • Construction or building work in schools.
  • Work being carried out within hospital grounds.
  • Building work around offices.
  • Concert venues or public spaces.
  • Road works or construction in residential areas

The latest technology in acoustic panels means that soundproofing can safely be applied to the examples above as well as to large scale venues. Here is an example of the versatility of HushTec panels, as seen here with a 2000sq meter temporary noise wall at Eden Park:

Premium Series

Installing acoustic panels in a way that maximises space effectively is important, as most venues have restrictions on space and time, being able to erect the right barrier for the task at hand requires professional expertise.

Working with industry leaders who are experienced in the installation of acoustic panels for major events, building sites, factories and custom applications will ensure your specific requirements are being met in the most efficient way possible. When you enlist the services of a professional sound barrier manufacturer and installer, you can rest assured that you are provided with the very best industry advice and the latest technology in acoustic panelling.

Demolition Noise Barrier

Selecting The Right Acoustic Panel For Your Requirements

Now that we know that acoustic panels can be installed to assist in any application regardless of the size or sound requirements, the next focus is selecting a sound barrier that is appropriate for your project.

With a huge selection that consists of different weights, heights and materials, finding the right barrier to effectively control your sound requirements can seem daunting. The team at Duraflex NZ however have thought of every possible situation and manufactured a quality solution. Here are just a few of the options available:

Vinyl Noise Barrier:

Thin, dense, strong, durable, highly flexible and tear-resistant this is the perfect solution for those who require flexibility with their sound control solution. Being ultra-lightweight, this option is perfect for awkward places that require adaptability in the installation.

Construction and Demolition Noise Barrier:

Whilst being ultra-thin, this acoustic panel provides superior noise protection. Ideal for building and construction work around schools, offices or public places this solution offers high levels of noise insulation.

Premium Series:

This is our most popular and sought-after acoustic panel, with ultimate sound protection, lightweight composition and easy installation. Our Premium Series can be fully customised to fit your requirements and offers the best noise control technology.

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions regarding acoustic panelling or an upcoming project that requires the insulation and control of sound, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Duraflex for a no-obligation free quote. As well as the examples you have seen here, we provide an extensive range of acoustic panels to fit every size project.

We manufacture and supply the highest technology acoustic panels designed to make business and events more productive and efficient through the management of noise and sound, to see what we can do for you, get in touch on 0800 111 783.