Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker AttachmentsRock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments – If you are in the demolition industry, you will know the noise your work can cause. One of the main causes of that noise is your rock breaker. They must do heavy, high-impact work, so noise is inevitable.

Rock Breaker Attachments & Noise Reduction

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with the noise – or put up with complaints from your neighbours or those in close proximity to the demolition site. This is because there is a solution to reduce the amount of noise your rock breaker produces.

Rock Breakers NZ

Our rock breaker attachment at Duraflex reduces the noise levels of rock breakers by up to 10db. That’s a significant reduction, mitigating the impact of excess noise. Call us today to find out more.

Beneficiaries of Rock Breaker Noise Reduction Attachments

  • Workers on the demolition site
  • Nearby residents and those who work in companies close to the demolition site
  • Wildlife close to the demolition site that would otherwise be disturbed by excess noise

Reasons to Use Duraflex Noise Reduction Products & Soundproofing

  • Experts in the noise reduction industry
  • High-quality products made using the best materials
  • We design and manufacture our products in-house
  • We offer standard products and custom designs
  • Our rock breaker noise reduction attachment is suitable for all makes, model, and types of rock breaker

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