Rock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker AttachmentsRock Breaker Attachments

Rock Breaker Attachments – If you are in the demolition industry, you will know the noise your work can cause. One of the main causes of that noise is your rock breaker. They must do heavy, high-impact work, so noise is inevitable.

Rock Breaker Attachments & Noise Reduction

That doesn’t mean you have to put up with the noise – or put up with complaints from your neighbours or those in close proximity to the demolition site. This is because there is a solution to reduce the amount of noise your rock breaker produces.

Rock Breakers NZ

Our rock breaker attachment at Duraflex reduces the noise levels of rock breakers by up to 10db. That’s a significant reduction, mitigating the impact of excess noise. Call us today to find out more.

Beneficiaries of Rock Breaker Noise Reduction Attachments

  • Workers on the demolition site
  • Nearby residents and those who work in companies close to the demolition site
  • Wildlife close to the demolition site that would otherwise be disturbed by excess noise

Reasons to Use Duraflex Noise Reduction Products & Soundproofing

  • Experts in the noise reduction industry
  • High-quality products made using the best materials
  • We design and manufacture our products in-house
  • We offer standard products and custom designs
  • Our rock breaker noise reduction attachment is suitable for all makes, model, and types of rock breaker

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The Noise Impact of Rock Breakers

If you regularly use a rock breaker, you will know it is an essential piece of equipment. It is a noisy and dangerous piece of equipment too. The noise is unavoidable given the way a rock breaker works. Its operation will also produce dust and flying debris.

All these factors present risks to the operator and others who are close by. The noise, dust, and flying debris produced by rock breakers can also impact animals.

At Duraflex, we have a highly effective solution. Our rock breaker attachments can be fitted onto just about any make or model of rock breaker. We can customise the design, too, so if you have specific requirements, let us know, and we’ll develop a solution.


The fitting of our rock breaker attachments takes a few minutes. Once fitted, the rock breaker can be used as normal, with no loss of operator productivity. The attachment doesn’t get in the way, plus the material used to manufacture our rock breaker attachments is clear. As a result, your rock breaker operators will still be able to see the steel point and the surface it is breaking up even with the attachment fitted.

The material has been carefully designed to maximise its soundproofing capabilities. It specifically acts on the sound produced by the steel tip of the rock breaker striking the surface, i.e., rock, concrete, etc. The reduction in sound is usually about 10db.

As the attachment is fitted around the steel tip, it is also effective at catching flying debris and dust. Plus, the material we use is strong, so it won’t rip or tear as this debris hits it.

The operator of the rock breaker will benefit from the reduced noise levels and protection from dust and flying debris. Others nearby the worksite will get similar benefits, while those further away will benefit from the reduced noise levels.

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Other Risk Mitigation Steps You Can Take

Fitting one of our rock breaker attachments is the best way to reduce the noise produced by a rock breaker’s steel tip striking the surface. It is also a highly effective method of containing dust and flying debris. That said, there are other steps you can take to mitigate the risks of rock breaker operation.

Providing workers on your site, particularly the rock breaker operator, with PPE is one of the steps you can take. Hearing protection, face shields, and eye protection are all examples. Ensuring other works stay at a safe distance also helps, as does ensuring the rock breaker operator is properly trained.

In terms of reducing the impact of noise on those outside your worksite, the installation of soundproof fencing can help.

All these mitigation options will help improve your worksite and potentially meet the requirements of your customer.