Vinyl Noise Barrier NZ

Vinyl Noise Barrier NZ

Vinyl Noise Barrier

Vinyl Noise BarrierOur Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl is a highly effective Vinyl noise barrier solution supplied on a roll. It can significantly reduce noise in almost any situation or application and is used by customers in a range of different industries. This includes clients in the construction, demolition, automotive, and industrial sectors.

Industrial Acoustic Treatment

If you are looking for a noise reduction solution, contact our team to discuss our Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl product and to find out how it can help you. Call today.

Highly Flexible and Adaptable Noise Reduction Solution

Our Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl product is thin, dense, strong, durable, highly flexible, and tear resistant. We manufacture in-house using the latest techniques and the highest quality raw materials.

We also have extensive experience in the industry. This means you can be sure you are getting the best advice, the best design, and the best solution when you come to us at Duraflex.

What You Can Expect When You Come to Us

  • High-quality products that are durable, flexible, and adaptable
  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable team
  • In-house design and manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality products at the most affordable prices
  • Excellent customer service and after sales support

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