Vinyl Noise Barrier NZ

Vinyl Noise Barrier

Vinyl Noise BarrierOur Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl is a highly effective Vinyl noise barrier solution supplied on a roll. It can significantly reduce noise in almost any situation or application and is used by customers in a range of different industries. This includes clients in the construction, demolition, automotive, and industrial sectors.

Industrial Acoustic Treatment

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Highly Flexible and Adaptable Noise Reduction Solution

Our Mission Series Mass Loaded Vinyl product is thin, dense, strong, durable, highly flexible, and tear resistant. We manufacture in-house using the latest techniques and the highest quality raw materials.

We also have extensive experience in the industry. This means you can be sure you are getting the best advice, the best design, and the best solution when you come to us at Duraflex.

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  • High-quality products that are durable, flexible, and adaptable
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  • In-house design and manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality products at the most affordable prices
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How Our Vinyl Noise Barrier Solutions Work

At Duraflex, we supply high-performance HushTec mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications. When properly installed, this material is highly effective at reducing noise levels. It is frequently used to reduce acoustic transmission between rooms or properties, and it is often installed in walls, ceilings, or floors.

Our vinyl noise barrier is commonly used in other situations, too, including to reduce traffic noise, industrial acoustics, noise on construction sites, and more.

Apart from the noise-reducing properties of mass-loaded vinyl, the main benefit is its flexibility. It can be shaped and moulded as required, while also being lightweight and thin. As a result, it can be installed almost anywhere, including in awkward places.

Soundproofing High-Density Buildings

Our vinyl noise barrier is the ideal solution for soundproofing high-density buildings, both residential and commercial. In residential buildings, there is a legal requirement to minimise the impact of loud noise between residences. Whatever the application, our vinyl noise barrier will reduce the potential for noise to bleed through walls and ceilings into other rooms. As a result, it offers privacy and confidentiality benefits as well as minimising the disruption caused by noise.

It is highly effective, too. Our vinyl noise barrier reduces levels of noise produced by people speaking as well as louder noises, including loud televisions or audio equipment, engine and machinery noise, and more.

You can easily install our vinyl noise barrier during construction work on a new build or when you are renovating a property. However, it can also be retrofitted to buildings that require improved soundproofing.


Installation is straightforward, too, as you can install our vinyl noise barrier using nails, staples, or screws. You can also hang it like a curtain.

It works best when there is flexibility in the material once it is installed. To understand why this can help, think of how a tennis fall reacts when thrown at a sheet of material that is hanging freely compared to one that is pulled tight. The sheet the hangs freely will absorb the ball, reducing the energy and stopping it from moving any further. The sheet that is tight, however, will deflect the ball, i.e., the ball will bounce off it.

Sound is similar, so the flexible installation of our vinyl noise barrier will increase the effectiveness of it reducing acoustic transmission.

Benefits of the Duraflex Noise Barrier

  • Ideal for soundproofing walls, ceilings, and floors as well as reducing noise levels in a range of other locations and situations.
  • Highly flexible material.
  • Doesn’t take up as much space as other soundproofing solutions.
  • We supply our vinyl noise barrier on a roll, with a range of standard roll widths available. We can also customise the width according to your requirements.
  • Our vinyl noise barrier is strong, too, so it is resistant to tearing. This strength makes it easier to install and reduces wastage.
  • Our vinyl noise barrier has a high mass to thickness ratio. Without getting into the technicalities of soundproofing principles, increasing mass is an option for reducing noise. The main downside of increasing mass is increased thickness. However, our vinyl noise barrier has a high mass while also being thin.