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Noise Barrier for Construction

Noise Barrier


Pumps and generators are often essential

pieces of equipment, but their operation creates a lot of noise. This noise is often disruptive and, in some situations, can prevent the use of the generator or pump completely.

Pump and Generator Noise Barriers

The HushGen Series pump and generator noise barriers reduce the noise created by generators and pumps. It does this so effectively because the product has both noise barrier and noise absorption properties.

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Flexible Solutions for Any Application

Noise Control

The HushGen Series pump and generator noise barrier is suitable for all makes and model of machine. They are also available in any size, shape, or configuration. We can also create a custom design if you need a solution that is completely unique.

In other words, whatever size, type, or shape of pump or generator you have, we’ll have an effective solution.

Crucially, our noise barrier solutions won’t impact the operation of your generator or pump. They are completely safe to use too.

Plus, installation is easy. All our pump and generator noise barriers have Velcro on either side as well as eyelets that mean you can quickly install them in any location.

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Understanding Decibels

Generators and pumps are noisy when in operation. As a result, most manufacturers give information on the decibels their generators produce. There is a lot of misconception about decibels, however. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics to ensure you get an effective noise barrier for your construction site.

The biggest issue comes with understanding the difference between decibel levels. For example, what is the difference between a 90-decibel generator and a 100-decibel generator? Isn’t the 90-decibel generator simply 10 percent quieter?

No, in fact, as decibels are not linear. As a result, the impact is much more significant. That 90-decibel generator mentioned above will actually be 10 times quieter than the 100-decibel generator. So, decibel output is important.

How to Reduce the Noise Produced by Generators and Pumps

There are four main ways to reduce the noise produced by pumps and generators:

1. Buy a newer, quieter model

The first is to replace your older, noisy generator with one that is newer and quieter. This is not a cheap solution, but it can be very effective. After all, we’ve already seen that a 10-decibel reduction in noise levels during operation can make a significant difference.

2. Build a noise barrier

At Duraflex, we manufacture high-quality noise barrier solutions for construction sites, manufacturing facilities, industrial complexes, and a range of other environments. Our HushGen premium series barrier is specifically designed to be installed around generators and pumps, reducing the noise pollution they create.

We manufacture our HushGen barriers using high-quality materials. We also developed them using our extensive knowledge of these materials and how they can be effectively used for noise control.

3. Reduce Vibration

Some of the noise produced by your generator will be caused by vibration. Reducing that vibration will, therefore, reduce the noise. You can reduce vibration in a generator by, for example, installing additional rubber washers to the screws that bolt the generator to the frame.

You can also reduce vibration between the frame and the surface the generator is sitting on by installing padding.

4. Use distance

The further away the generator or pump is, the less impact the noise will have. So, try to move the generator to a location that is as far away from people as possible. When doing this, make sure you consider animals and wildlife, too, as they can also be disturbed by the noise produced by generators and pumps.

Tailored Noise Barrier Solutions

Our HushGen premium series barrier solutions for generators and pumps can be fully customised according to your requirements. The customisation options include manufacturing according to the dimensions you need. We can also customise the appearance of the noise barrier. Some options and ideas for customising the appearance include:

  • Your logo and company slogan
  • Safety information and other important info
  • Advice and warnings
  • Website links
  • Reflective strips for improved night-time visibility
  • Marketing or promotional messages

Remember also that our noise barriers are lightweight and easy to install.

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