Lightweight Noise Absorbing Barriers

Lightweight Noise Absorbing Barriers

Performance Series Noise Barrier – Any Size, Shape, Color

Do you need a noise barrier for a location that is very noise sensitive? Do you want a lightweight easily portable solution? If so, you need a noise barrier made from the highest quality materials with a design that has significant noise reduction properties. This is exactly what you get with our Performance Series noise barrier.

Performance Series Noise Panels NZ

It is one of the most lightweight noise barriers in our range, but there is no reduction in its performance. In fact, it has excellent noise reduction properties.

In addition, it is fully customisable. This means you can choose from our standard sizes and configurations, or we can design and develop a custom solution for you. Either way, you can have confidence you are getting one of the best performing noise barriers on the market.

Lightweight Noise Barrier

Our lightweight noise barriers are used in a range of situations. This includes in hospitals, government buildings, schools, and labs, i.e. locations that are noise sensitive. In other words, environments where excessive cause will cause significant interruption to business operations, users, patients, comfort levels, etc.

Our lightweight noise barriers are easy to install, they are long-lasting, and they are robust and strong. We keep our prices competitive too, so you can get the noise barrier you need.

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