PVC Factory Dividers


Smartec Factory Dividers, swing doors and large sheet curtains are
commonly used for effective cross contamination prevention. The Smartec
PVC Factory dividers and contamination walls are an ever increasingly
popular solution for companies who need to utilize floor space and
comply with Health & Safety regulations whether it is food grade
screens, dust or fume control or even temperature walls.


The Smartec Factory Dividers are used to protect from:





Weather protection


Flying Insects

Food Tainting

And other forms of contamination


Specific Contamination control applications :

Sensitive equipment rooms

Parts storage

Tool rooms

Food manufacturing

Medical facilities

Wash rooms


High end industry


Chemical manufacturing

And other areas requiring clean rooms


The Smartec solutions feature both flexible and soft-wall products to effectively provide a physical barrier for airborne contaminants thus allowing you to create and maintain an effective cleanroom without building an expensive structural wall.
Smartec factory dividers and barriers are made from only the strongest UV resistant and anti-corrosive materials sourced from worldwide market leaders. Smartec factory dividers have been tested from a wide range of common chemicals and corrosive agents to gain compliance for almost any application, we also have a comprehensive color chart to choose from to best suit your application
The Smartec factory divider solutions will not only provide outstanding cleanroom barriers but they are also very effective in the following solutions:

Noise control

Weather protection

Fume control

Food Protection

Bird and Insect Control


Smartec Solutions:

Reduce pollutants

Divide up warehouses or production areas

Allow easy access

Save energy, time and money.

Help to utilize floor space for maximum efficiency.

Increase production.

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