Noise Control: 4 Ways To Minimise The Effects Of Unwanted Sound

Unwanted sound is annoying and frustrating and can even cause unfortunate health problems. While there is no way to fully stop making noise when you work on a construction site, there are ways that you can reduce the sound you create to make your environment a more peaceful place. Sound barriers and other noise control solutions can really improve the lives of your team and everyone within earshot.

Fortunately, you have a few products to choose from if you want to smartly reduce and control the noises in your workplace. This article will cover four of the best types of products that you can use to control excessive sound, so keep reading or learn more!

Sound barriers

Why Are Sound Control Solutions Essential For Every Worksite?

Before you understand how you can reduce unwanted sound, you should first understand why you need to. Construction is a very important process that helps us build bigger and better things, but it can cause a lot of noise as it goes on. Sound barriers are designed to curb and control disruptive construction noises that can disrupt the world around you.

Constant loud noise, like the sounds caused by heavy equipment, can be significantly dangerous to your health if you do not control it. The negative side effects of constant noise can range from temporary annoyances to irreversible damage.

Noise Barriers Cover

For example, a small amount of loud and frustrating noises can lead to headaches or migraines that will go away over time. However, constant exposure to loud, overbearing noise can lead to conditions like tinnitus and could even lead to lifelong hearing loss.

Irreversible hearing loss can severely damage someone’s quality of life. So, controlling your sounds and protecting your team’s hearing health is essential.

The Four Best Ways To Control Sound On Your Worksite

Fortunately, with innovative and well-designed products like the ones we create at Duraflex Distributions, controlling and reducing your site’s sounds is easier than ever. A few of the best options that you can choose are:

Sound Barriers. Perhaps the most well-known noise control solution is the wonderful noise barrier. These incredible products are designed to absorb or block sound and keep it from spreading too far. While they won’t be able to cancel out every bit of noise you make, they will certainly make a noticeable difference.

These barriers are relatively easy to set up, depending on the kind you get, and will serve you well until you complete your project. At Duraflex Distributions, we create all of our products ourselves, which means that we can make your noise barriers in any size, shape or colour.

Pump And Generator Noise Barriers. Pumps and generators are commonly used on construction sites – but unfortunately, they can be noisy. If you want to really maximise your sound reduction, you can choose to get pump and generator noise barriers as well as standard sound barriers.

These noise-control solutions are specifically created to surround pumps and generators and reduce the noise that they make. This way, these essential fixtures can still do their much-needed work, but you will not have to suffer from their sounds.

Heavy Duty Strip Curtains. Depending on their specific qualities, like thickness and size, excellently made strip curtains can help you control noise in your work area. You can use these wonderful curtains to section off parts of your site and block out some excess noise.

Vinyl Noise Barrier

In addition to their sound-controlling properties, strip curtains also have a plethora of other benefits that you should know about. These include keeping pests like insects out, neatly organising your workspaces and being very easy to pass through without trouble.

Sound barriers are possibly the best option if you are looking for barriers to go around the outdoor parts of your workspace, but strip curtains are perhaps the best choice for indoor areas.

Noise-Controlling Equipment Attachments. One of the biggest causes of loud noises in construction is heavy equipment. Things like rock breakers and pile rigs use a lot of power and create a lot of noise when they are used.

So, to quiet them down, you could get some excellent noise-controlling attachments for your tools. These attachments can significantly reduce the noises made by the devices they’re attached to.

Where To Get Some Of The Best Sound Barriers And Other Noise Control Solutions In New Zealand

Do any of these solutions pique your interest? You can find all of them and more in our incredible collection of products at Duraflex Distributions! We help New Zealanders control their noise and protect their hearing health.

Our Hushtec line, in particular, is designed to offer excellent noise reduction to any worksite that uses them. If you would like to make a custom order or ask us about what we make for you, you can easily reach us at 0800 111 783 for more helpful information.

Protect yourself, your hardworking team and everyone in the area with outstanding noise-control solutions from us at Duraflex Distributions.

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