Plastic Curtains: A Complete Guide About Choosing The Right Curtain

Plastic Curtains: Complete Guide About Choosing The Right Curtain

Well-made plastic curtains can do wonders for a worksite. Without curtains, your work areas could become disorganised and cluttered – but with excellent plastic curtains from a reliable PVC curtain supplier, you can adequately divide your work areas while maintaining visibility.

At Duraflex Distribution, we are proud to offer New Zealanders incredible worksite solutions. Among our outstanding products are PVC strip curtains that will surely be a blessing on any worksite.However, what exactly can plastic curtains do for you, and how do you choose the best set for your site? Before you decide to purchase and set up new plastic curtains, there are a few things you should know and think about.

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Why You Should Invest In Good Plastic Curtains

Many people do not realise just how vital plastic curtains are when it comes to a properly maintained worksite. A few incredible advantages of this variety of curtain are:

Conveniently Divide Sections Of Your Worksite. No matter how large or small your work area is, a PVC curtain supplier like us at Duraflex Distribution can help you get the correct amount of strip curtains to divide your space adequately.

Having neat and coordinated sections in your site promotes organisation and productivity. Additionally, because plastic curtains are transparent, you will also be able to be aware of what your staff and coworkers are doing. So, you can ensure that they are safely working while you focus on your own tasks.

These Curtains Allow You To Pass Through Easily. Unlike doors or gates, to get through plastic strip curtains, all you need to do is simply walk through them. Once you are through, the plastic strips will return to their original place.

Plastic Curtains: Complete Guide About Choosing The Right Curtain

This means that your hands remain free to hold equipment or tools, conveniently allowing you to keep going without having to shuffle around equipment just to turn a doorknob.

They Prevent Cross-Contamination From Airborne Particles. At Duraflex Distribution, we are a PVC curtain supplier that is aware of health and safety regulations in the workplace, and we create our products with them in mind.  All of our solutions have been designed to be useful and safe at the same time.

Plastic strip curtains promote health and safety by providing proper boundaries that limit the movement of pesky airborne particles while still providing excellent visibility. Depending on where you work, potentially harmful airborne particles can get into areas or equipment where they do not belong. In addition, these contaminants may cause significant issues in the future – so, limiting them is a smart move.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing Your Own PVC Curtains

Before you contact a PVC curtain supplier to order your new set of strip curtains, there are a handful of things that you need to consider before placing your order. Some questions that you should ask yourself are:

Where Do I Want To Set Up The Curtains? The very first thing you should do is determine where you want your new curtains. It would be best if you thought through your worksite and decided where you want and need plastic curtains.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Areas I Want To Cover? Next, you should measure the areas that need to be covered. At Duraflex Distribution, we make all of our products ourselves. So, we will be more than happy to create your curtains to be precisely the correct width and length to fit your space perfectly.

How Thick Do I Want The Plastic Strips To Be? Plastic strip curtains come in varying degrees of thickness. The thicker the plastic, the heavier and more protective the strips will be. If you would like a specific thickness, we can make it happen.

Do I Want The Plastic To Be Clear Or Tinted? Our plastic strip curtains come in a few different colours for you to choose from. While clear plastic is a great option, you can also select a yellow tint that repels insects, a red tint that reduces light glare and more.

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Where You Can Find Incredibly Well-Made And Reliable Plastic Curtains For Your Worksite

If you need further information to help you answer any of the above-listed questions, our friendly team at Duraflex Distribution is here to help. We are experts when it comes to crafting excellent goods for our clients, and we are eager to help you enhance your worksite.
Along with making outstanding plastic strip curtains, we also create many other useful products such as acoustic panels, noise barriers, rock breaker attachments and more!
If you have any questions about our plastic strip curtains or any of our other products, please visit our contact page or call us at 0800 111 783 to speak with us. We are proud to be a PVC curtain supplier whose products are highly customisable, affordable, excellently designed and incredibly reliable.

Improve your worksite with wonderfully crafted products from Duraflex Distribution.

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